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New Year, New Smile!

December 26, 2018 By Dr. Rick Leppo

For most of us, New Year’s resolutions are about committing to being our best selves by creating new habits. This year, might I suggest you focus on doing something for yourself that doesn’t involve giving anything up or starting the newest trend.

At some point, we have all considered making changes to those pearly whites: making your smile whiter and brighter, straightening those crooked teeth or repairing a few chips or stains. I would be delighted to help you achieve your goal of getting the smile of your dreams and making that New Year’s Resolution a reality! My team and I have obtained advanced training and credentialing in sedation, cosmetic and implant dentistry to be able to deliver the best care with the newest technology to our patient’s. Here’s a quick summary of some very common cosmetic procedures available to you:

· Teeth Whitening: Aging, tobacco, red wine, soda, coffee, and tea can all dull and yellow our teeth over time. With teeth whitening, years of staining can be erased from your smile in a matter of hours.

· Veneers or Crowns: Veneers are thin, custom-made “shells” of porcelain that permanently attach directly to your teeth. In comparison, crowns cover the teeth fully to provide extra support in case of existing cavities, fillings, or broken teeth. Both options can be used to fix gaps between teeth or improve the appearance of teeth that are badly stained, misshaped, crowded, or out of place and are custom made specifically for you!

· Teeth Bonding: Bonding can correct gaps, stains, and chips by using tooth colored filling material. It’s a more cost-conscious option compared to crowns and veneers, a cosmetic dentist is able to achieve fantastic results.

· Invisalign: Invisalign can be used to straighten crowded teeth or close spaces without altering natural tooth structure. Treatment can be completed quickly; sometimes in six months for simple cases – and the clear trays are almost undetectable when worn.

· Implants: Implants are used to replace missing teeth or secure ill-fitting dentures. Implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

If you’re ready for the New Year and for your new smile, give Columbia Dental Center a call to schedule your appointment today. We offer a wide range of services all at one location, eliminating wasted time traveling to multiple specialists. We’ll discuss your desires and the best cosmetic dentistry options for you. There’s never been a better time to start!

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