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Everyone knows that braces and other orthodontic devices can help achieve a straight smile. However, not everyone wants to spend years wearing metal braces, even if it means a better smile in the future. At Columbia Dental Center, we know orthodontics can improve your oral health and give you a beautiful smile. We also know our patients want discrete and fast options to get those results. We offer alternatives to metal braces to help our patients achieve a straight, healthy smile quickly and discretely.

A straight smile not only looks great – it is better for your oral health. Without proper dental treatments, crooked and gapped teeth can make it difficult to keep up with your oral hygiene. Food and bacteria can hide in hard to reach spots, leading to cavities and possibly gum disease. Orthodontics can straighten teeth, making them simpler to keep healthy while looking their best.

Alternative Orthodontic Options

Metal braces are still widely used to achieve excellent results. In some cases, they may be the best option for certain orthodontic issues. However, most people that want to improve the look of their smile through orthodontics may have other options. At Columbia Dental Center, we offer devices that can transform your smile fast, but with clear braces or aligners that are almost invisible. Learn more about these options on the following pages:

You don’t have to spend two or three years wearing metal braces to achieve a straight, healthy smile. We offer orthodontics for adults that work in as little as six months, and clear aligners by Invisalign for both teens and adults. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Leppo to determine if one of these alternative orthodontic options is right for you.

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