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Traditional Metal Braces

A straight smile is one that is both attractive and healthy. While many patients are opting for short-term braces or clear aligners to straighten their teeth, not everyone qualifies for these advanced orthodontic treatments. There are certain situations in which traditional metal braces are more effective and necessary. To ensure we can address every patient’s unique orthodontic concerns, Columbia Dental Center proudly offers traditional metal braces as part of our valued menu of orthodontic services.

Advantages of Metal Braces

If you have severe overcrowding or other substantial misalignment issues, traditional braces are often a more effective treatment option than Invisalign or short-term orthodontics. While metal braces may not be ideal aesthetically, they still offer a number of advantages for teens and adults who need them, including the following:

Affordability:A leading benefit of metal braces pertains to cost. Compared to other types of braces or aligner therapy, metal braces are typically less expensive.

Capability:Metal braces are considered the most versatile treatment method in orthodontics. They can effectively handle a wide variety of alignment problems, including overcrowding, underbites, overbites and unsightly spacing. Metal braces also allow Dr. Trost or Dr. Leppo to move your teeth in small increments at a time, giving them more control over your treatment.

Durability:Finally, metal braces are less fragile than plastic or ceramic brackets and bands.  Therefore, your treatment is less likely to be disrupted by damaged or broken components.

To learn more about metal braces or other orthodontic treatments from Columbia Dental Center, please contact our office today. When it comes to straightening smiles, we offer top ranked care for teens and adults.

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