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Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

October 30, 2016 By Dr. Rick Leppo

blog09Teeth bleaching, or whitening, is a popular cosmetic treatment. White teeth are almost universally seen as a sign of health, youth and beauty. Who doesn't want a more sparkling and charismatic smile?

Before you make the decision to lighten the shade of your teeth, make sure that you know what you're getting into.

How To Whiten

You've got many options to choose from:

  • Over-the-counter whitening gels, trays, or strips
  • Whitening rinses
  • Stain-lifting toothpaste
  • Professional bleaching treatments

A visit to Columbia Dental Center will help you decide which method is best for you.

Is Whitening Safe?

Whitening is a very safe procedure – when you do it as directed.

If you opt for an over-the-counter treatment, Dr. Leppo still recommends that you consult him first to make sure you use it properly. Whitening too much at once can irritate your gums or make your teeth very sensitive.

Kids should not worry about whitening their teeth. Newly erupted adult teeth always look a little yellow in the beginning. Teens may choose to bleach once their smiles have fully matured.

Benefits of a Brighter Smile

Once you notice a change in the hue of your smile, you're going to start enjoying a few other new developments:

  • People will compliment you on having a vibrant smile
  • Others won't be able to help but notice your increased confidence
  • You'll be motivated to keep your smile clean with good oral hygiene

If you're not happy with your current tooth color or with the whitening you've tried on your own, schedule a visit with Dr. Leppo. Our practice has the tools you need to achieve the smile of your dreams!

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