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Composite Fillings

Everyone wants a whiter smile that looks healthy. Metal fillings can blemish an otherwise beautiful smile, leaving noticeable traces of repairs. With composite fillings, you can have your teeth fixed with resin that matches your tooth color. It perfectly blends in with your smile, fixing issues while keeping your smile white and attractive. At Columbia Dental Center, we care about both the health and beauty of your smile, which is why we offer composite fillings as part of our cosmetic dentistry options.

Metal fillings have been a practical option to repair cavities and other tooth issues for many decades. These amalgam fillings are durable and inexpensive, which is why they were often used to fill cavities in teeth, especially on the molars. Now, composite resin can be used on almost any tooth, including the back molars used for chewing. With improvements made to the strength and durability of composite fillings, they can now fix almost any issue on both front and back teeth. Many people have chosen to have their old metal filling replaced with composite resin so that their entire smile is white, from front to back.

What is a Composite Resin?

Chemistry helped create composite resin, using materials like glass, plastic and ceramic to blend into a durable material for tooth repair. Many composite resins are applied to teeth in layers, using a specialized light to harden each layer quickly. The result is a filling that is durable yet flexible, putting less stress on the teeth. For cosmetic purposes, it can be used to fix small imperfections such as chips or even gaps in the teeth.

If you have old metal fillings you want to be replaced or new dental issues that you want discretely fixed, composite fillings may be a great option. Contact Columbia Dental Center today for a consultation to learn more about how composite fillings can improve your smile and keep it white and healthy.

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