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Cracked Tooth Repair

Did you know that your tooth enamel is harder than bone? it has to be to protect your teeth from damage. In fact, tooth enamel is remarkably strong. It can handle intense pressure and exposure to acidity. However, enamel can still crack and chip, leaving your teeth exposed and vulnerable to decay and infection. It is important to have a chipped or cracked tooth repaired as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. As part of our general dentistry treatments at Columbia Dental Center, we offer professional cracked tooth repair to protect your beautiful smile.

For some, a crack or chip in the tooth is immediately apparent. You may hear your tooth crack when you bite down on a hard substance, or trauma may cause damage to a tooth. Other times, you may not even know you have a damaged tooth until you see the crack or start experiencing pain or sensitivity. In some cases, a small crack can form without any symptoms and be hidden from view. Regardless, once the enamel is cracked or chipped, it is vital to have your damaged tooth repaired.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

If you know you have a cracked tooth, call us right away for a repair. Often our team can fit you into our schedule the same day. Depending on the severity of the cracked tooth, there are different options for repair. Small cracks may be able to be repaired with bonding or filling. More severe cracks may need an onlay or inlay, or possibly a dental crown for protection. Most cracked teeth can be repaired, although there is a possibility that the damage is too deep and extraction could be needed. Dr. Leppo will go over your options and do everything he can to save your damaged tooth if possible

Cracks that are hidden are another excellent reason to adhere to a regular exam schedule. If caught early, small cracks can be easily repaired at our office. Whether it is time for an exam or you have a cracked or chipped tooth you need repaired, contact our office today for an appointment.

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