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Halitosis Treatment

Hundreds of products are designed to help you keep your breath fresh. Toothpastes, mouthwashes, gums and mints all claim to help fight bad breath. No one wants to have an offensive odor on their breath, causing embarrassment in social and professional situations. However, even with all these products, severe bad breath will still prevail. Halitosis requires more than masking the odor with a minty smell–it requires general dentistry treatment.

At Columbia Dental Center, we can help those suffering from halitosis. Often the cause of bad breath is related to oral health. Decay and infection in the mouth can lead to a foul odor that cannot be combatted with topical products. The source of the odor must be addressed to restore clean, fresh breath.

Treatment for Bad Breath

If you have bad breath that does not go away through good oral hygiene, come see us at Columbia Dental Center. We will start with a thorough dental cleaning and exam. Dr. Leppo can identify any dental issues that may be causing your halitosis. Removing decay, cleaning away tartar, treating gum disease and even root canal therapy may be needed to remove the cause of your bad breath. If there are no oral or dental issues present, your halitosis may be a deeper issue within your digestive system. If this is the case, Dr. Leppo will refer you to your regular physician for further evaluation.

You do not need to live with the embarrassment of bad breath. Maintaining good oral health is essential to keep the bacteria that cause bad breath odor at bay. Stay on top of your oral health by adhering to two annual cleanings and checkups at our office. Most preventive care is covered under dental insurance and can help keep your mouth healthy and your breath smelling fresh. Contact Columbia Dental Center today to schedule your next checkup and cleaning.

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