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Dental Implant Restorations

If you have dental implants, you have an investment in maintaining your new and improved smile. The great thing about dental implants is that they look and function like natural teeth. This also means they need ongoing care like natural teeth. At Columbia Dental Center, we are your local dental implant specialists. Not only do we create beautiful new dental implants, we help our patients maintain their implants with restoration services.

Dental implants are a restorative dental treatment that have been around for many years, with many advances made in the technology used to create these prosthetic teeth. In some cases, an older dental implant may need replacement or restoration if it is no longer functioning correctly or has aesthetic issues. We offer dental implant restorations to give you a beautiful, functional implant that may look even better than the original. The new technology we use can restore dental implants faster, using improved imagery and quick crown creation.

Implant Repairs (CEREC)

One of the main repairs needed for dental implants is fixing broken or cracked dental crowns. While these crowns can last for decades, just like natural teeth, they are susceptible to damage. Trauma and even hard foods can alter the surface, requiring replacement of the crown. At Columbia Dental Center, we can fix your dental implant crown the same day. We offer CEREC same-day dental crowns that are made right in our office. No need for a temporary crown and two or more office visits. We can replace your dental crown with an exceptional porcelain crown in one visit.

When you have a dental implant that needs repair or restoration, come see our expert team at Columbia Dental Center. We can help you care for your implants. Remember to schedule regular exams to have your implants monitored – they need ongoing maintenance and professional care just like your natural teeth. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for dental implant restoration.

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