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Tooth Extractions

Caring for your smile is our priority at Columbia Dental Center. For us, that means doing everything we can to maintain healthy teeth and gums to prevent premature loss with general dentistry. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to maintain all your natural teeth. When a tooth needs to be removed, we can help make the experience comfortable and as painless as possible for you or your loved one.

No one wants to hear that they need to have a tooth extracted. Even the toughest patient may cringe at the thought of undergoing oral surgery to remove a tooth. However, Dr. Leppo and our entire team can make the process stress-free. We will explain the procedure so that you know what to expect and answer any questions you may have. We also offer sedation dentistry options for those that prefer extra help relaxing during the tooth extraction. The experience of Dr. Leppo will lend to a quick and smooth procedure–you will be home resting before you know it.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The most common teeth that require removal are the wisdom teeth. Several million people each year opt to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Often it is due to these last molars becoming impacted. When there is not enough room for these third molars to come in properly, they may grow in the wrong direction. They may grow in sideways or may not grow through the gum line at all. When this happens, it can cause pain, misalignment, bone loss and infection, making it necessary to remove these problem molars.

At Columbia Dental Center, we have a caring, compassionate team that is experienced in tooth removal. Whether you have a broken tooth that must be removed or wisdom teeth that are causing you problems, we can remedy the situation in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your tooth extraction procedure.

We’re Here To Help You

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