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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore a Chipped Tooth

November 03, 2016 By Dr. Rick Leppo

blog01To some folks, a chipped tooth is just a cute anomaly. It might be the defining feature of a certain individual. Dr. Rick Leppo, however, sees a fractured tooth in a very different light . . . not merely because of looks.

Your chipped tooth might not bother you all that much. But here's why you should be a bit concerned.

It Might Not Stay That Way

A small chip doesn't look like much, but it's already got a lot of potential.

Potential to cause trouble, that is.

Fractures of any size weaken the overall integrity of a tooth. With time and wear, there's a good chance the chip will only get bigger. The fracture will run deeper, and your tooth will become more and more in danger of dying.

Sharp Edges Endanger Soft Tissue

Rough edges don't mean much until you accidentally bite your tongue or cheek against them. Spare yourself that kind of torture by getting the chip repaired!

Your Tooth Is More Exposed to Decay

Fractures are like weak spots in your tooth's armor. With an opening in the enamel, bacteria are more likely to invade your tooth and start a cavity.

The Pulp Could be Damaged

Do you remember what caused the fracture?

Your tooth might not just have a visible chip. It could also have some severe internal damage if it was knocked hard enough. You'll need an x-ray to check for any harm that would necessitate a root canal.

Get your tooth looked at right away. At Columbia Dental Center, Dr. Leppo will let you know if you should have it treated.

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