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CEREC Same Day Crowns in Columbia, IL

October 04, 2016 By Dr. Rick Leppo

blog12Have you recently had a root canal? Do you have a badly chipped tooth that needs to be fixed before your only option left is to have it pulled?

If you're avoiding trips to the dental office because of the time that it takes, it's time to ask about CEREC same day dentistry.

At Columbia Dental Center, we implement CEREC CAD/CAM technology right here at our office. It allows us to create 3D-printed dental crowns in a single day. There's no need for you to have your tooth prepped, leave, and come back two weeks later. Everything is done in one appointment.

CAD/CAM crowns made through the CEREC system allow you to:

  • Avoid any human error, as no 3rd party dental labs are involved
  • Complete all or most of your treatment in just a single visit to our office
  • Take advantage of treatments like sedation dentistry
  • Request less time off of work
  • Experience the best fit possible, due to highly accurate virtual imaging

CEREC crowns are made of extremely durable tooth-colored materials that can withstand normal, everyday wear. They're perfect for restoring decaying, chipped teeth. We custom-match each same day crown so that it blends in with your smile as best as possible.

Sit back. Relax. Let us restore your smile in just one appointment so that you can finally catch up on all of your oral health needs. CEREC same day crowns make it easy for you to get your oral health back on track where you need it to be, so that you can easily maintain your smile for years to come. Call Columbia Dental Center today for more information!

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